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Product characteristics: bio-information humic bath
Net volume:
110 ml
Use: This aromatic bath, containing a high volume of humic substances and selected essential oils blend, contains active substances that directly affect the skin or get to our blood through the lungs. They harmonize the single organs, and thus promote blood circulation in the skin and joints. Better blood circulation in these places brings better supply of nutrients and oxygen and consequently faster regeneration of damaged tissues. The bath containing humates and essential oils has a detoxicating effect on the body, promotes blood circulation, mobilizes the immune system, and facilitates oxidation of the cells (act as antioxidants). Essential oils directly affect the metabolism and the CNS.


Product characteristics: bath salts
Net weight: 350 g
Use: The bath drawn from the Podhajska hot spring salts has a positive effect on disorders of upper respiratory ways, asthma, and bronchitis. Biotermal bath has a beneficial effect on the physical condition and beauty, and contributes to the mind – body balance. The salts have relaxing and calming effect, help to alleviate muscle fatigue, cleanse and revitalize skin, while removing impurities, excess grease, and harmful substances from your skin