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Bioinformation product containing pure sap of the Croton lechleri Muell. Arg. plant called Sangre de Drago – Dragon Blood by the Peruvian Indians. It has toning, antiviral, antibacterial, antimycotic, and antioxidising properties. This helps to heal and regenerate wounds, tissues and the skin. The product enhances regeneration and increases the immunity of the body.


  • has natural antibiotic effects
  • may be used for regeneration of all kinds of wounds, both of the skin and mucosa, where it may be administered directly into the wound


Bioinformation product containing a biologically highly active colloid solution of more than 64 elements in the natural form, with as much as 98% absorbability


  • intended for all animal species
  • contains a high amount of chemical elements in their most natural form, which may be best utilised by the living organism


Bioinformation product for better muscular function and enhanced immunity against external factors


  • enhances skeletal musculature as well as the smooth muscles of the viscera in all animal species
  • improves the utilisation of energy for the work of muscles
  • excellent means of enhancing the physical condition of animals
  • influences the quality of secretion of secondary sexual glands, including prostatic secretion, and harmonises the function of ovaries and womb in females


Bioinformation regeneration product with exceptional detoxifying capacity. It contains high-molecular humic acids, succinic acid, and silymarine. It is effective in neutralising or eliminating toxins from the digestive tract and adjacent tissues. A positive impact may be also expected when applied for musculoskeletal disorders, arthrosis, and bone and joint degenerative conditions.


  • the most universal product suitable for all animal species without exceptions
  • eliminates toxins not only from the digestive tract, but also from body tissues
  • suitable as an add-on product in combination with any product
  • decelerates tumour growth and prevents the formation of metastases


Bioinformation product intended for the mobilisation of energy and improved concentration capacity during training. It much enhances immunity and the ability of the body to penetrating microorganisms, especially during the spring season.


  • positively influences the behaviour of animals
  • has calming effects
  • enhances immunity
  • works well against all problems associated with the experience of grief and separation from the herd


Bioinformation product for external use. It is intended to combat outer auditory duct inflammations. The product exhibits pronounced effects on inflammatory conditions of the skin and mucosa. It regulates the pH of the skin as well as mucosa, preventing undesirable bacterial, mycotic and parasitic growth.


  • may be used when trying to combat warts, skin rashes, skin lesions of bacterial origin, and mycoses (also those affecting the birth canal)


Bioinformation product containing unique fish oil, which is the most essential natural source of a number of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and D. It enhances the immunity, helps to build strong bones and healthy teeth and to maintain healthy skin, hair and eyes.


  • contains the EPA and DHA unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and D
  • the most frequent application represents its activity upon the quality of hair and other skin derivatives
  • enhancement of cellular immunity


Bioinformation product containing unique natural substances safeguarding optimal joint nutrition. It protects joint cartilages and secures their regeneration. It enhances the growth of bones and their sufficient mineralisation. It acts as the prevention of osteomalacia and osteoporosis.


  • suitable for all animals, particularly for the growing young and for animals regenerating their bone tissue
  • contains the most beneficial ratio of minerals for bone tissue formation
  • a natural source of calcium in an optimum ratio with other elements necessary both for its absorption and its integration into the bone (magnesium, phosphorus, trace elements)


Bioinformation product containing an optimum balance of vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances purely from natural resources. The products improves the overall condition and the function of individual organs, it increases immunity, decelerates the ageing process, and accelerates recovery from illnesses.


  • contains most vitamins necessary for the proper metabolic function
  • in general tones the body of the animal and increases pathologically decreased activity of the animal


Bioinformation product containing probiotic bacteria and their growth stimulants necessary for the proper function of the colon and of the immune system. Other indications are digestive problems, flatulence and diarrhoea, especially that of paste-like consistency. The product helps to enhance immunity, and hence also resistance to tumour diseases, bacterial infections and their transformation into chronic conditions. In older animals, long-term administration of Probiovet also controls the symptoms of ageing, such as greying hair and joint impairment.


  • the most common indication is perverse taste of the animal (e.g. eating its own excrements)
  • digestive problems and flatulence
  • by regulating the intestinal microflora, it helps to reduce the formation of toxic compounds in the content of the colon
  • enhances immunity


A natural shampoo for regular hair care for all animal species which tolerate bathing.

  • for all animal species and fur (coat)
  • composed of natural substances
  • pH neutral
  • virtually non-irritant
  • repels external parasites for as long as 14 days
  • does not kill parasites, only blocks their invasion