EnergyVet Top


A bioinformation product intended for immunity enhancement. It significantly enhances immunity and the ability of the body to fight the penetration of adverse microorganisms. It may be applied as an efficient preventive immune barrier to a wide range of pathogens of both viral and bacterial origin.


  • intended for infectious processes of any nature
  • enhances the production of specific antibodies
  • can be used in any ligament conditions
  • effective in any problems associated with the experience of grief


Bioinformation product for the harmonisation of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism.


  • digestive problems and problems of the entire metabolism
  • liver and gall bladder problems
  • efficiently combats intoxications of various etiology


Bioinformation product enhancing proper function of excretory organs in the metabolism of water and minerals.


  • optimises the metabolism of mineral substances and the metabolism of water
  • effective in joint impairments, be they of inflammatory nature (arthritis) or degenerative nature (arthrosis)
  • suitable for wet eczemas


Bioinformation product for the harmonisation of the nervous and hormonal systems.


  • beneficial effects on the females becoming gravid and on their production of milk
  • activates the metabolism of fats
  • one of the most effective products in terms of stress-related consequences


Bioinformation product for the harmonisation of the vascular system and transport processes in the body.


  • influences the vascular system, including the production of red and white blood cells
  • harmonising the cardiac function
  • influences transport mechanisms in the body
  • recommended for recovery from surgeries or following infections